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Client Specific Controls

We do not use a one-size fits all approach to quality and regulatory compliance. Customized standardized operating procedures (SOPs) are created for each client to ensure our internal production procedures are optimized for efficiency and conform to all necessary regulations. This leads to a high level of quality because details are not overlooked. Unneeded steps are not included and regulatory compliance is validated.

Custom Engineered Solutions 

Every customer's project has its own set of engineering, equipment, and material specification challenges. We build custom economical solutions to be able to meet these needs, increase efficiency, and turn ideas into reality. Simplicity is our best approach to be on top of the cost vs. benefit analysis. 

Many if our clients have come to us after other contact manufacturers have turned them down or were to costly. Simple but ingenious approaches allow us give lower minimum order quantities at competitive costs. We have built equipment to increase efficiency and inhibit rising costs instead of asking our long-time customers for price increases.   

Client Support

It's your product or project; we want it to be as successful as just as much as you do. This is why we provide outstanding client support. We understand details always matter. Careless actions of suppliers can reflect badly on your company and even cost you future revenue and time. You need someone that you can trust and is easy work with. We want to understand your product or business as much as you do because the success of our clients ensures mutual growth. One of the many reasons we have an average nine year customer retention rate. 

Being a critical supplier means consistent support and customer service that exceeds expectations. 

Supply Chain Management

Your Supply Chain Matters. That is why we have academically trained supply chain professionals on our team. Our supply team ensures proper efficiency measurement, risk management, and total operations optimization. When a costumer buys a product or service they are buying into that supply chain, however efficient or inefficient it is. Turn-key or customer supplied, we can analyze and improve your chain to work effortlessly with us. 

Ask us how supply chain management can improve your bottom line.