Project/Product Tips from a Contract Manufacturer & Packager

Do you have a new project or product for 2016? Looking for a co-packer or manufacturer? 

Now is the time to finished planning, complete art work, and order materials. Those new to the business are often surprised on how long defining key details, quality measures & objectives, and finally getting production started can take. Plan for some unexpected delays, set-backs, and longer transportation time. Issues and options you may not have thought about will surely arise. 

Here is a few simple tips we have learned over the years: 

  • Include your prospective contact manufacturer or co-packer in the project early on. They can provide suggestions from years experience and may see issues/dilemmas that are not obvious. They call also give you cost estimates for several of your prospective design and packaging options. Even the seemingly smallest detail can change costs and turnaround time.
  • Send samples so they can validate processes, time, & labor. This will ensure costs and turnaround are accurate.  
  • A product (including its packaging) is only as good as its design. Thus, it should be designed to be manufactured easily while maintaining high quality and risk reduction of product failure. 
  • It is the clients responsibility to understand regulations governing their product including what is required to bring it to market. We recommend 3rd party regulatory assistance and testing. It is the manufacturers responsibility to understand and follow regulations pertaining to manufacturing the product. 
  • Communicate what quality measures and testing should be taken. What is important to your product's functionality and quality? Will the end user or consumer perceive this quality? 

Let us know if you have a new project we can help you with.